I love my food. And whilst searching for that next unforgettable meal as theboywhoatetheworld, I’ve found myself globetrotting further and wider than I ever have before, encountering fascinating countries, cultures and people along the way. Inevitably, my interest in travel photography has also grown to the extent I feel somewhat naked without my SLR strapped around my neck.

This photoblog is a memoir of the places, faces and dishes I’ve captured through my Canon EOS 600D viewfinder on my journey. My hope is that it will inspire you, and continue to inspire me.


E-mail: guanleongATgmailDOTcom 

Twitter: @guan_chua

Foodblog: theboywhoatetheworld.com


Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Guan currently resides in London where he is pursuing the Cuisine Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. A former investment bank risk associate, his search for that next unforgettable meal has spawned an increasing interest in food writing and travel photography. Follow his journey here and also on his foodblog, theboywhoatetheworld.com


All photographs featured on this blog remain the copyright of guan chua photography. Please contact me to seek permission before use of any of the photography on this blog in any shape or form.


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