Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

Maeklong is no ordinary market. Located 70km southwest of Bangkok, it’s a market that’s planted smack on top of an active main railway line.

8 times a day, vendors put their wares and their lives at risk… frantically but only temporarily packing up their stalls just minutes before the train arrives to make way as she storms through the market at almost full speed. Within seconds of the train passing, everything’s back in full swing.

Why bother? Apparently this is how they’ve always done things round here. No reason to lose out on the extra real estate left and right of the tracks if local authorities continue to allow it.

Be warned: this train takes no prisoners. Moments after taking the first photograph, I found myself needing to leap onto an empty stall table to avoid my leg being taken off. It’s nuts…

If playing stuntman is not your thing, there’s also Maeklong’s enormous covered market by the train station – stuffed with so many varieties and species of produce, you may need a team of biologists instead of tour guides with you to identify all the things on offer.


Easily the most fascinating local market I’ve ever been to and definitely worth a stop here on your way from Bangkok to the Damnoen Saduak floating market.


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